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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ingredient of the nose blood + Haze in KL

I am sick and my nose bleeds last night.

My nose blood are made of 100% Y-square blood + pure Y-square nose mucus.

Hahaha... sorry for the geli photos, I mean I really have a bad week, I don't want anyone to fall sick like me. Especially the haze is coming and you (me also) needs to drink more water.

The haze is so bad that I can't even see KLCC from my house. Usually my house have a clear view on KLCC, but it is now hardly see or should I use thw word "invisibel". I took this pic when I was on my way back to bus station where I came back Melaka.

It was so bad that earth didn't get enought of sun light. This was took at Noon (+- 12pm) and the street light was lighted due to insufficient of light.

Good bless us...


  1. It is bad...
    Very bad...
    I don understand why haze hits malaysia once a year.
    Cant they do anything about it?

  2. are you like, making arts from nose bleed? lol

  3. Josephine> Yeah, this is the worst year I ever feel. Before this, I only have running nose when the haze come, but now my nose started to bleed. It is bad indeed.
    KY> Thanks for the compliment. I guess it is already in my blood. (waturf)