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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ingredient of having a lovely Tom Yam noodle.

Water :as much as you like (+ -4 cups)
Tom Yam paste :as much as you like, as long you think the flavor is enough, then ok adi. (for 2 person, use + -3 tablespoon)
Chicken essences :1/4 cube or lesser ( I used 1/2 cube coz I have 7 ppl)
Noodles: Depends to what kind of noodles you are using ( if use yee mee, just use 2 'loaf')
Add on: I use 2 packets of hot dog (coz we got 7 ppl mah), 8 piece of seafood toufu and 2 'trees' of green vegetables.
Most important ingredient of all: Friendship (they will help you cook and eat it whether it taste nice or not plus help you to clean up the dishes too after the meal *wink*)

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