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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How does a sucker looks like?

For you information, I am a EE (electronic engineering) student, the only sucker I know is this:

Then, only yesterday I learned that there are another sucker (boobs sucking) in this world.
(Who will belive you are so naive one? Self punch!Photobucket )
Ok, now let us see their specification:

Mecha sucker VS Orga sucker

(i) Made of:
MS : plastics and irons
OS : flesh and blood

(ii) Things to suck
MS : solders (solders are made from Plumblum alloy)
OS : Boobs

(iii) Operations procedure
MS : First you have to push the end till the max:
Then, you put it near heated solders and push the round button to perform suction.
OS : No specific procedure needed (You know it more than I do, I am still little kidPhotobucket)

Comment: Why these scandals can attract so much attention? You see, more than 50% of previous top post related to sex. Is this what we want?

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