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Thursday, June 18, 2009

First day of hostel staying in short sem (part II)

Yes, this is part II. Never imagine that this day have a part II. (If you don't know what had hapened, please visit my part at here.)
Apparently, it don't happen on the same day, but same bad luck happens on different day. PhotobucketThings going funny when there is a new notice.

This is no way.Mmy room is so disordered that I didn't even know how to start.
(Ignore the bra, it is not mine, it is not even my size...... who will believe wor....)Photobucket

At the morning, after I get my breakfast, the first thing I do is get myself some cleaning equipment then get the new house's key at hostel's office.

On my way downstairs, I saw early bags (early birds). Some student have started to move their belongings.

My decision of bring the cleaning item before the luggage is the wisest decision to made. The filthiness of the new room can fight the old room.

You see, this looks like a normal innocent bed, but when you walk closer:

EWWWWW...... the girl that slept here before pee pee on bed every night izzit? Plus the room having a funny smell, smell a little like urine and might be some wet clothest that are keep inside cupboard that have not totally dryed yet. Thus, you really can't blame me for having this kind of preception.

Things get worse when I found out that dust are every where even on the bed.

Dust collected

Left: Dust collected on part I
Right : Dust collected on part II
When I was doing part I post, I was like, this is seriusly not going to happen again in my life. Mana tau with 4 weeks, it happens again and this time creepier.

Just tell me the name and I will let you see how the dust looks like. Above were bed dust and groud dust.

We still have dust between cupboard,

drawer dust,

Table dust etc.Photobucket

Doing some packing after get rid of all the dustssssss, I starts to shift my stuff to another block.

However, Good play a joke on us.

HE criedPhotobucket

Making us stop to rest while HE is emo-ing.

Then we starts our chores again after lunch when HE is happy again.

After clearing my previous room, it is "crystal clear" again.Photobucket

Then, shift all the lugage to the new room in next block.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE.Photobucket Did you saw any different in this photo.
Other than the alphebate difference in those 2 sets of photo, can you spot what other difference is with those 2 rooms. There are actually in same level, same house, same room, so same position. However, there are something more....

Left: Block B got creative cornet but block A don't.
Right: Block A got extra bed but block B don't.

After shifting all those stuff... tada... a clean room. More tidy than before shifting. Well, it does looks good on the outside, but how about from the inside?

If this looks harmless, then how about these:

PhotobucketWell, that's a Uni student's life. (Nvm, I self punch on behalves of youPhotobucket)