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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Electronic equiptment theory (week 2 day 3 & 4)

This a subject where the most basic thing about Electronic Engineering is teach : Equiptment.
The subject was carried out in Makmal Electronic Asas 1:

Multimeter. Act as an all in one measurement equiptment, which consist of voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter etc. It can measure voltage, current, resistance etc...

There are 2 types of multimeter which is analog and digital. Digital multimeter gives more precise values than analog but its "fius" is also more expensive than analog one. Thus new user like us are uses analog instead of digital

Function generator (function gen)

Oscilloscope ( this is a analogue type, a auto type do not have that much of knobs)

Components. From top, resistors x2, capacitor x2.

Breadboard which is "cucuked" with components

A station. A group of 2 student works in a station. A station should always be clean and tidy.

You compare how our station with their station....

Bonus review:

WS dreams to be a teacher...Photobucket

Comment: This a a very useful lesson for all new engineering student. From my opinion, I think this subject should be teach in the 1st semester not in a short sem. I hope my Uni can make a change and improvement on that.


  1. Makmal Electronic Asas 1? It seems i used to taking this subject too...but that is years ago....kinda miss my good old days....