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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't ask me why I post this, coz my friends force me to do so.

This post has no meaning, it's just an ordinary outing, that my friend force me took all these pic. Just ignore this post, please?

One day (I mean yesterday) I and my group finish class before lunch so we were boring and don't know what to do. SO the guy when to "hoi fong" i.e. register a room to play dota. Then we girl just sit there and watch.

After they satisfy (they never satisfy), they meet up with another group that finish class later at the afternoon and when out for dinner.

-______-Guys....don't you have other sign language instead of "V"?

Have you notice a repetitive guy in this set of photos? It's Huat.
I prefer to call him Lai coz his surname is Lai.
See how he attracts the camera.
Killing so much film. Opppssss... not film, it's something in the museum already.

GO TO HELL you little film killer.....

It is so fun that then I try it to WS and Viv. >.<...Viv ia so cute!!!

Left: Seems not ready yet for the "quan jia fu".
Right: Ready for photo also didn't seems different, coz you all are so not the photogenic type (waa..... don't beat me)

Then girls kaki gatal go to continue shopping.

This looks familiar...

Har......! In baru betul!

Another film killer

Then we found something strange

Tada!!!! Dap found herself a new pet.

The colours that matched perfectly!

Someone!!!! Help the baby! It's going to fall!!!!!!!!

Wow.... I think she's going deliver any second....

Girls, i know he looks handsome, but..... but......
he is just a puppet.....

I also found something about Corntoz, see it here.
On the shopping process, we directed a short film call: Tales of 2 little beetles.

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