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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Control Technique - Selection & switch

Computer Programming (Chapter 5)

1.Both pseudocode and flow cart is important (applicable) in designing a selection and switch technique but I personally prefer flow chart coz it is easier in seeing the big picture. It tells you what you should do next in a simple and tidy format.
2. If should ends with end if.
3. Switch case seems to be complicated and can be substitute by else if, but in some condition, switch case is a must. Remember that most of you still have theory exam other than lab test!
1.Click on the pic i.e. notes and mind map for a larger view and it's URL.
2.When you want to start a nested program, you have to start with a { , right? Remember to end it with a } also. I would advise you to type both { and } before starting the inner program then jump back inside the curly bracket to start program. This decrease the probablity of forgetting the ending curly bracket }.

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