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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Computer Programming (notes + mindmap)

I collect my computer programming notes for novice to refer. I am currently studying Engineering, so the syllabus is base on engineering course, not IT (information technology). Basically, engineering student are taught to computer programming, must the language C++ only. Thus, other language such as C or C# can also taught, depends to the University requirement, coz the objective is to let engineering student get expose to programming to assist them in their future software usage such as mathlab, mapel etc.
P/S: syllabus may varies due to different university and country.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Computer & Programming Language
Chapter 2 : Introduction to C++
Chapter 3 : Problem Solving
Chapter 4 : Introduction to The C++ Language
Chapter 5 : Control Technique - Selection & Switch
Chapter 6 : Control Technique - Repitition
Chapter 7 : Function (Part I)
Chapter 8 : Function (Part II)
Chapter 9 : Array (Part I)
Chapter 10 : String Manipulation
Chapter 11 : Array and Function
Chapter 12 : Input Output File
Chapter 13 : Enumerated
Chapter 14 : Structure
Chapter 15 : Pointers
Tips: Click on the title to view the notes and mind map.

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