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Sunday, June 14, 2009

AutoCAD (week 3 day 3 & 4)

I love CAD, I don't mean cats. I loves to play with CAD but that doesn't include having a test. I self admit (self slap) that I am good in imagining 3D. That is why I can also good in 3V. However, I sucks in art (but later on, I found out that my art's is rather good since it is in my blood and my artistic skills are far better than average people, at least among those Engineers).
The class were carried out at Automation lab.

It is full of robotic stuff i.e robot arms, heavy machines etc.

Inside the lab also consist high performance pc.

It is Vista, 2G RAM. Not most pro but better than my laptop.

My 1st day was a mess since is a non orthographic drawing. For me, non orthographic is artistic drawing and only orthographic=engineering drawing. Don't remind me of how dumb this concept is coz me is me. As you might have guess, I F my 1st day test on non orthographic test. Although there are some other reasons that makes me can't finish the test, but I think I wun blame him/her since I think he/she will not admit it.

Second day was easier.

Drafting the view before constructing it in AutoCAD.

This was my test answer. I was so free (I finished early)on 2nd test that I even have time to take pics on it). It is totally opp to my 1st test.

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